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BNSL is the collaborative practice of Maurice Wald and Felix Ansmann. Via a range of artistic media, we explore the aesthetics of artificial intelligence and ontologies of computation. With backgrounds in AI-engineering and the Anthropology of technology respectively, we investigate computational modes of thinking and their histories, understanding ourselves as a hybrid between artistic practice and research platform. Through reappropriating digital technologies of extraction, our works aim to unearth inscribed esoteric histories while critically engaging with the mechanism of power that these technologies are part of, tracing processes of disenchantment and corporatization. We situate ourselves between dystopian and utopian futures and aesthetics, instead embracing the uncomfortable and ambiguous, simultaneously deconstructing western myths and narratives of tech-solutionism and excavating lost potentials through drawing connections to fictions, mythologies, and diverse ways of relating to technology. BNSL was founded in 2019 and is based in Berlin. Beyond our artistic practice, we are interested in new technologically enabled models for art economies and ecologies existing as self-organized systems outside established institutions.